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Our goal from the very beginning has been to build bridges between students from different academic backgrounds. The whole journey started with us just being a few students who came up with this idea. Since then we have come far and now we are a group of around 50 students who are eager to turn this idea into reality.

In order to really make a difference, we are now ready to open up our organization for members so that both students, professionals, and organizations can benefit from each others knowledge and competencies. Our goal is to create a community where we can share ideas, discuss and develop knowledge from all fields, and together create a positive impact on society. This is a big vision and that is why it is so important that we already now start experimenting with how to create the best kinds of memberships, events, and collaborations.

If you think that our society needs this kind of change so that we don’t distance ourselves from others because they view the world in a different light then join us as a member here.

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