Student & Innovation House is now engaging
in Opening Partnerships

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Civic Society

Are you an NGO working with the SDG’s or set in the world to empower students or young professionals? Then we would love to hear from you.

Public Sector & Education

We work closely with educational institutions and municipalities to promote and integrate student initiatives. Take a look on the potential.

Private Sector

We tailor strategic partnersips, content partnerships and collaborations that connect with the academic society. Are you ready to have your mindset challenged?

Student Organisation

Are you a student organisation that would like to explore the opportunities with the house? Our ears are wide open! Don’t hesitate to reach out.

We lead
the way by creating a never-before-seen ecosystem and transforming the 100-year old policestation to a central for innovation and sustainability in the heart of Copenhagen.

We link student curiosity and engagement with leading researchers, industry frontrunners, experimenting startups and civil society movements.

We experiment in award-winning ways with cross-disciplinary collaborations that have sustainable and educating elements.
1. Danish Design Award for Better Learning 2019 with our leadership & innovation program
2. Finalist as Rising Star of the Year at Green Awards in Berlin 2019 with our sustainability program

We challenge what impact oriented projects that can achieve and ensures the relevance and potential for implementation of innovation.

Civic sector

Would your NGO or civil organisation like to collaborate with impact-driven students? Is your organisation set to make a difference? We would love to hear your thoughts on a further collaboration. We believe cross-disciplinary collaborations across sectors is a key driver for positive change.

Get in contact with us.

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With the NGO Sustainable Now, CBS and Frederiksberg Municipality, Student & Innovation House arranged a two day festival on Frederiksberg for the Global Goals with 5.000+ participants in 2019.

We are routined in bridging academia to the real world and challenging the class-room format. Cross disciplinary and holistic ways of working with sustainability is a key competency.

Public sector & Education

We believe fruitful interaction between students and public sector actors can be a key driver of innovation and positive change.

  • Researchers – broaden your projects in ways that are limited in academic environments.
  • Courses – your cross-disciplinary haven where students can interact with other disciplines and a real life sandbox to test their theories.
  • Casework – multidisciplinary and holistic ways of working with sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Lets explore the opportunities.

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Private sector

Stay a front runner. Job fairs is a thing of the past.

Tailor made collaborations that enables sustainable impact in line with your strategy is a much more rewarding and true way of bridging to the next generation.

  • Cases, events and projects – we enable you to break down the silo-thinking by exposing it to our ecosystem. There are win-wins.
  • Outstanding Ecosystem – shape the innovators of tomorrow. Right now we are looking for opening partners.

Partner with us and link with the most ambitious and innovation-driven students, researchers and exciting projects of tomorrow.

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Collaborate with us

Collaborations count Frederiksberg Municipality, Implement Consulting, Sustainable Now, SOS Børnebyerne, Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship and TechBBQ.

Having mapped over 350 student organisations in Denmark we know the work student organisations are capable of. With over 104.000 students in Greater Copenhagen your potential is huge. We provide the frames.

Student Organisations

Whether you teach peers programming, expose life science, make artificial intelligence understandable, work for the climate, art or mindfulness we can offer you a unique ecosystem to grow and thrive in.

  • Physical Spaces – all your needs in one place from workstation to event space.
  • Workshops – for event management, recruitment, volunteer development and fundraising to name a few.
  • Community – you will not want to leave. Our ecosystem counts organisations you can collaborate with, private partners and every university & UCC is represented.
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Founding Partners

Foundations that have been essential to the initial development of the organisation and activities

Otto Mønsteds Fond

Building Partners

Foundations and institutions that have made the transformation of the policestation possible

Weiman fonden
Augustinus Fonden
Knud Højgaards Fond
Frederiksberg fonden