The Vision of Station

Transforming the Old Police Station

The Organization


The Vision

“We show the world what students can do”

By creating a visionary and engaging powerhouse, where students – in collaboration with world-class researchers and committed actors within the private, public and civil sectors – create sustainable positive impact in our society.

Our society is changing drastically. Complex challenges and opportunities call for intelligent and innovative solutions than spans disciplines. We, the students, play a vital role in defining and implementing these solutions in the future. We need an inclusive space that unites all students regardless of educational background and enable us to experiment, collaborate and co-create for positive social impact. We build bridges, empower students and challenge the status quo role of students.

Impact Report 2019
We have summarised our endeavors, ideas, and thoughts behind most of what we’re doing and gathered feedback from our volunteers. Take a look to dive deeper into the framework and ideas that is Station.

Baseline Evaluation Report 2019
We scrutinize our endeavors to learn and become better. Therefore we have hired the third party consultancy firm Moos Bjerre to conduct an investigation of the outcome of our work. Stretching over three years, they have now published the first year analysis – a baseline of what Station has done for students in our pilot projects.

Transforming The Old Police Station

In December 2017 we proudly signed the contract of acquiring the Old Police Station at Frederiksberg. The almost 4000 m2 old brick building is – as we speak – being transformed into a visionary Station. The space will be an inclusive platform for interdisciplinary collaboration and an enabling playground which encourages curiosity, diversity and entrepreneurial minds!

The house will open this year October 2020 and we can’t wait to strengthen the broader student community with you. In the meantime, you can visit us in our temporary office next to the construction site or take a virtual tour with the 3D camera inside the Old Police Station down below. 

To follow the progress of the house, find us on Instagram or Facebook, or sign up to our newsletter

Our Building Partners

Organizational Structure

The board sets the long term strategy. It consists of young professionals to keep a youthful but reflective perspective.

The Secretariat takes care of the daily operations and ensures progress towards the strategic goals.

The driving force behind Station is the student volunteers – Falcons – that create, engage, and innovate for society and their peers.

Advisory boards are essential to ensure that we only develop what is acutely needed, so we have advisory boards consisting of:

  1. 17 Student Organizations representing student interests and needs
  2. Students representing every higher education in Greater Copenhagen
  3. Foundations and organisations supporting the project have advisory roles

The Board

Christian K. Refshauge


Senior Consultant
Implement Consulting Group

Core experience
Organisation Strategy
Change Management

Andreas A.

Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship

Core experience
Business Strategy
Talent Development

Anne Marie E.

Knowledge Lead
World Economic Forum

Core experience
Industry 4.0
International Business

Anne Katrine B.

Impact Investment Analyst
iGravity Switzerland

Core experience
Sustainability Strategy
Impact Design
Business Strategy

Meet the Team

Maria Flora

Markus Fritz Hansen
Head of Community Building

Kristine Riis
Head of Opening

Mathias Nyborg
Communications Responsible

Mikkel Nielsen
Head of Operations

Astrid Lundsgaard
Project Coordinator

Tomas Vit
Head of IT

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