Are you a student organisation?

Are you a student organisation and do you have a bold, visionary dream? Join us on the journey of creating a student-driven powerhouse in the Old Police Station housing thousands of students and student organisations from across the country! Help us fill out our space with your curiosity, innovative mindset and eagerness of creating a better world. We have the facilities and right network - you have the bold idea. The house is build by students for students. This is the place where dreams and unimaginable synergise come true.

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Drop by!
You are more than welcome to drop by our office for a cup of coffee next to CBS to hear more about our different projects and on how to become a Falcon, or become part of the house as a student or student organisation. Our office is open on weekdays from 09-16:00, but to make sure we are there, send us an email.  

Right now we are rebuilding the Old Police Station of Frederiksberg next to CBS. The House will be standing finish this fall 2020. Are you a student? Become part of the Opening and help us fill out the space with students and innovative activities.