We’re half way with the construction. And so we celebrated it with a New Year’s Reception inside the brick walls!

The job of demolishing the interior walls has finally finished and the build-up phase has begun. To celebrate the great process, of being halfway, we hosted a New Year’s Reception on 23rd of January  for everyone’s who’s part of the Student & Innovation community. The event was thrown inside the old brick walls and was kicked off with a few words from the Mayor of Frederiksberg, Simon Aggesen, the President of CBS, Nikolaj Malchow-Møller and our Director Maria Flora Andersen.

With more than 80 people showing up at the reception, we were thrilled to see how our community keeps growing stronger. Sixteen diverse student organisations, The Mayor of Frederiksberg, the President of Copenhagen Business School and other important actors came to share a magical afternoon with us inside the 100-year old brick building. The afternoon was a true testimony of the keenness for a student impact-driven innovation house to exist – a place where students’ potential can be unlocked, and diversity is a main force for innovation and creativity. The aim is to create an open ecosystem space that bring students together who share common values and visions – creating a better and sustainable world – together with rest of the world.

The house will open its doors in October, and so we are slowly moving closer to the opening. The official day will be announced very soon.

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