Last week the six team members went to Poland for their very first meeting with the project Co-design your place! It’s the first out of three educational sessions followed by three implementation sessions. The program will take place over an 18 month period.

The aim with the program is to create social innovation and give the students an educational cross-collaborative and interdisciplinary experience. The aim of the first educational workshop was to learn how to design meaningful concepts that would engage the users of the Palace – the youth in Siemianowice.

A few words from the students themselves:

“We are a group of six students from Copenhagen with different educational backgrounds all driven by same purpose to become social changemakers. Our aim is to learn how to create sustainable solutions and implement social impact initiatives by transforming once neglected buildings into community-driven spaces for students and the local community. The Old Palace in Siemianowice Slaskie, Poland, and the Old Police Station in Copenhagen will hopefully very soon be housing thousands of students and innovative projects.”

In Poland they explored cases of regeneration areas and learn how to work with design-thinking with other like-minded international students in collaboration with Fundacja Stajnia and UAL: University of the Arts London. To read more about us check out Co-design your place.

The outcome of the Five Days Design Sprint was boiled down to three main concepts:
1. Skill swapping – Swapping knowledge and creating a safe environment for young professionals to network.
2. Festival of 6 islands of inspiration – A festival combining mindful activities like yoga, reading corner, food – or craft corner.
3. The Story Hunt – A game that could help the local community to interact and collaborate while keeping the history of the Palace alive.

The team from Poland will collect the ideas and mold it into a final proposal. The young professionals will then come back in a couple of months and start the implementation process.

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