Co-Design Your Place

Educating tomorrow’s social changemakers


Co-Design Your Place is a 18-months interdisciplinary project educating tomorrow’s young changemakers to create social impact through innovation. The education focuses on how to address societal challenges through key areas of service-design methodology, co-design and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The changemaker program consists of 18 driven young professionals from Denmark, from Poland and from UAL, London College of Communication, London.

A palace in Poland, an old police station in Copenhagen and an area in Elephant and Castle in London will be transformed into student-driven platforms.

The project takes place during the period November 2019 to February 2021. The students will travel to the three locations throughout the project.

The vision is to enable young professionals to become social changemakers of tomorrow by driving social impact through co-design.

The students will develop real life methods for co-design of social innovation on a theoretical standing point.

The students will design and implement solutions for real life cases of engaging youth in regeneration projects.

Read more about the project and the 18 inspiring young changemakers on their official homepage and follow them on Facebook.

Who’s behind?

The project is a partnership between The Stable Foundation in Poland (Siemianowice Śląskie), London college of Communication, UK (London) and Student & Innovation House in Denmark (Copenhagen). The project is supported by Erasmus+.