Our Dream

We live in times of change

Our society is changing drastically and complex challenges, both global and local, call for intelligent and innovative solutions. We believe that we, the students, play a vital role in defining and implementing these solutions. To do so, we need to be equipped with the ambition, the framework and the tools to face these challenges to work towards creating a better world.

By transforming the old police station at Frederiksberg into a visionary, engaging and student-driven innovation house, we are providing the framework, bringing forth the tools and nurturing the relationships that are necessary for us to actively and responsibly take part in the creation of positive, long-term and sustainable improvement of society.

Four central dogmas

We wish to live the values of the house already in the making of it
By being guided by the following four Dogmas, we believe that we can create a visionary and engaging student house that, through its activities and users, creates sustainable positive change in our society:



Student engagement is the driving force
Building bridges, because through collaboration we become equipped to navigate in a complex world
Curiosity is how we can understand the surrounding world 
Responsibility is at the core of all activities


All activities are anchored in the student environment and are designed to generate positive impact in the world
The project is initiated and driven by students and for students. Therefore, both the development and the following operation of the house will naturally be anchored in the everyday life of students, who - as inhabitants and users - are defining the objectives and activities of the house.

In addition, all activities are designed to generate positive impact in the world to try and mitigate the local and global challenges. Four so-called action clusters are used to describe and organize activities throughout the house: Student Society, Impact Lab, Social Science Lab and The Commons.

An old police station will be our home